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The Pelorus Group Creates Affordable Island Resort Vacations

The Pelorus Group is owned by James T. Bramlette. The group of investors enjoy turning distressed resort properties in luxury vacation spots. In April of this year, “Melrose on the Beach” opened its doors and welcomes people of all ages to experience an island getaway off the east coast of the United States. The economy over recent years made life hard for real estate investors and for families to enjoy vacations to places like Hawaii. Melrose on the Beach offers the Hawaii feel at a lower cost.

James T. Bramlette, of the Pelorus Group, felt the affects of the real estate downturn in 2007. He started as a young investor and gained lots of success. The real estate collapse taught him a lot and he discussed the lessons he learned in a recent interview with “Personal Real Estate Investors Magazine”.

“My first realization was that sitting and sulking over my losses and bruised confidence was getting me nowhere,” says Bramlette. “I decided to go back to former investors, ask for money and create funds and go after FDIC distressed assets. We had made money together when times had been good, and most of them were happy to help me again! We first began to rebuild cash flow in 2009. It was a good start, but we were at a disadvantage as a small fish in a big pond just when the big funds were showing up. Our investors wanted higher returns that could not compete with funds with lesser return and longer time expectations.”

James T. Bramlette felt that distressed resort properties were a great way to start investing in the new real estate market. The economic crisis left many families unable to vacation in hot spots like the Caribbean or Hawaii, but people still want an island resort vacation even during hard times. James T. Bramlette decided to invest in “Melrose on the Beach” in Daufuskie Island, Georgia.

The Melrose Inn Banner - James Bramlette

“The downturn taught us that fewer parents can afford to load the family on a flight to a Caribbean island or Hawaii,” says Bramlette, “but they still want the island getaway. Melrose on the Beach is designed to achieve that getaway via family SUV or minivan. The offshore and island experience starts at the dedicated ferry service we begin out of Savannah in Fall 2013. This is the ‘welcome to our spa’ experience, golf, horses or luxury camping.”

Despite the recent issues in the real estate world, James T. Bramlette was able to turn a negative into a positive. Melrose on the Beach opened in April 2013 and is a great way for families to getaway from the stresses of life. The island investor also holds significance to James T. Bramlette as it represents a brighter future for everyone.

To plan a family vacation please visit the Melrose on the Beach website.

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The Pelorus Group on Distressed Resort Investing

The Pelorus Group is a group of experienced real estate investors. One of The Pelorus Group’s specialties is taking distressed real estate and creating dream real estate. The resort industry is a great way to start investing in real estate, because people love to take luxury vacations at least once a year. The Pelorus Group recently turned Melrose on the Beach into a luxury resort on the beach for people to call home while visiting South Carolina.

Most people may not realize how many resorts often become abandoned around the world. Often times threats of war force people to leave behind beautiful resorts to protect their lives. Or money to fund a resort runs out and a lovely vacation spot sits vacant waiting for people to reclaim its glory. The Pelorus Group takes distressed resorts and creates luxury vacations spots. Our group recently found an interesting article that highlights some of the creepiest abandoned resorts in the world. Most of these resorts beauty was loss over times of war, but the potential to rebuild for future investment opportunities exists within these few distressed hotels that once offered vacationers luxury.

 Abandoned Resorts Around the World

The Pelorus Group


Sanzhi UFO City, New Taipei City, Taiwan

These colorful flying saucer-style buildings – located in the Sanzhi district of New Taipei City – were built in 1978 but forsaken before anyone ever stayed in them. They were targeted towards US military officers stationed in East Asia who were on leave, but investment losses and deaths due to accidents that occurred during construction meant the project was abandoned. For decades, these strange pod-like structures were left to crack, crumble and decay – victims of the forces of nature, and perhaps vandalism, too. It looks as if a gigantic wrecking ball was taken to the windows. Sanzhi’s UFO houses were finally demolished in 2008. Looking just like popular depictions of alien space pods in fiction, they certainly added some interest to the landscape – despite never serving their intended purpose – and there was a petition to try and save one of the buildings.

The Pelorus Group

Varosha, Famagusta, Cyprus

This lovely beachside resort in Famagusta, Cyprus once catered to members of high society. The jet set, and celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, stayed in the Varosha quarter of this city. However, when the Turkish army invaded in 1974, the buildings were abandoned as civilians, fearing a bloodbath, fled for their lives, leaving beaches deserted. After the invasion, the Turkish military sealed off this lavish quarter, barring anyone except the UN and their own personnel from access. With people no longer inhabiting the place, the cracks soon showed – literally, as plant roots worked their way into sidewalks. Buildings began to crumble, and windows shattered. Nothing is left today but the ruins of high-rise buildings and hotels, with nature doing its best to reclaim even those. Long gone are the days of flowing champagne and beach parties in this now-decaying city.

The Pelorus Group

Gagra, Abkhazia

Nestled on the north-eastern coast of the Black Sea, the town of Gagra became a popular health resort in Imperial Russian and Soviet times. It is located in Abkhazia, the republic that broke away from Georgia. In the early 1990s, Gagra was at the center of full-blown war between Georgian and Abkhazian people in the region and after their government forces were defeated, thousands of Georgian citizens were slaughtered. Gagra was badly damaged during the fighting.
The conflict goes on to this day, with no end in sight; but even though the clashes have moved away from the town, many of the buildings in the resort remain deserted, while nature slowly encroaches on the statues still standing.


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The Pelorus Group Develops Premier Vacation Resort, Melrose on the Beach

Melrose on the Beach, a premier vacation resort located among the southernmost chain of South Carolina Islands.

The Pelorus Group is a real estate development firm based out of Salt Lake City, UT that takes pride in turning distress properties into modern day gems. One of their most prized projects, Melrose on the Beach, is located at the heart of Daufuskie Island, located between Savannah and Hilton Head Island, about 2.75 miles offshore of South Carolina.

From the 18-hole Jack Nicklaus golf course to the rich details of The Inn, guests of Melrose on the Beach realized every comfort they could imagine. Whether guests charter a private seaplane or glide across the ocean on a vintage Chris Craft Yachts, they will be instantly transported to a simpler time where people took pride in service and attention to detail. With a wide variety of activities currently available from golfing, to horseback riding along the beach, to future amenities like Glamping and movie nights on the beach guests surely remember their stay for the rest of their life.

Melrose on the Beach also offers countless activities and adventures to fulfill your every desire. Pamper your mind and body at our Spa. Enjoy our water activities such as fishing, sailing, and paddle boarding while surrounded by the pristine tranquility of Daufuskie Island. Find yourself on a relaxing nature hike. Freewheel down the beach on a custom beach cruiser and down country roads on horseback. You can be as active as your heart desires.

About The Pelorus Group

The Pelorus Group is a Salt Lake City, UT real estate development firm whose core business encompasses many diverse specialties including upscale resort development projects, boutique hotel properties, and golf courses.

The company focuses on implementing financial strategies and closing transactions ranging from $2 million to $100 million USD or more. They focus on blending environmental, cultural, and financial sensitivities to each development project they pursue.